Terms of Sales

    1. Object
      These general conditions (the " Terms and conditions ») aim to define the conditions under which Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler, company headquartered in Hagenthal-le-bas (68220) in France, intends to market to its customers (the " Clients ») some discs (the " Products »).
    2. Application of the General Conditions
      Any sale of Products concluded between Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler and a Client is subject to these General Conditions. The conclusion of an order implies unreserved acceptance by the Customer of all the General Conditions. Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler and any given Client can, by special agreement, derogate from the General Conditions.
    3. Prevalence
      The General Conditions prevail over all general purchasing conditions of the Customer (whatever their name), and this even if the latter would have been communicated to Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler. All Customers waive their right to avail themselves of their general purchasing conditions. Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler and any Customer agree to exclude the provisions of the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods from 11 avril 1980 as they might be applicable.
    4. Language
      These general conditions cannot be contested by non-French-speaking and / or foreign customers because of their non-translation..

    1. Any order will be irrevocably formed from the secure online payment made by the Customer.. A summary / receipt of the order will then be sent to him by email, indicating the mode of transport, the place and address of their delivery and invoicing as well as the overall sale price.
    2. Current prices
      The prices of the Products are those in force on the site clairelitzler.fr. Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. The prices thus modified will apply to all subsequent orders.
    3. Taxes, fresh, packaging, transport(s)
      The prices are denominated in euros (€) and are expressed inclusive of all taxes (TTC). The price listed on the product page includes the cost of packaging.
    4. Received
      Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler will send a receipt in accordance with legal requirements to any Customer without delay following their order and payment made. The Customer accepts that any receipt can be delivered to him in dematerialized form, and in particular by email.
    1. Modalities
      Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler offers several delivery methods depending on the geographic areas of the order concerned that the customer can choose from and corresponding to the price lists in force on the site www.laposte.fr. Under no circumstances can the loss or non-receipt of a package be attributed to Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler and she will be fully responsible for La Poste. The customer will have a tracking number for his order for any complaint with La Poste (see Article 6 for more details).
    2. Time limit
      The delivery time (s) are those in effect on the site www.laposte.fr. As part of pre-orders, delivery times will apply at the time of the effective release of the product.
    1. payment methods
      Payment will be made only through PayPal, even if you do not have a PayPal account you can pay with your credit card on their site.
    2. Payment deadline
      Payment is valid immediately.
    1. Deadlines
      Any apparent damage caused to the goods must be, in order to be admissible, have been reported to the deliveryman, in his presence, at the delivery. Only the carrier La Poste is responsible for damage caused during transport. Any other complaint relating to the non-conformity of a delivered Product must be sent by the Customer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within seven (7) days after receipt. After this time, the Products will be deemed accepted in their entirety. It will be up to the Customer to provide any justification as to the reality of the defects or anomalies observed.. The Customer must leave Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler any facility to proceed to their observation and to remedy them.
    2. Exclusion or limitation of liability
      No complaint will be accepted on Products that have undergone manipulation or transformation by the Customer.. The responsibility of Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler can in no case be sought for an amount greater than the invoicing price of the Products recognized as defective.. The responsibility of Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler can never be sought in the event of non-performance or improper performance due to a case of " force majeure », any event beyond the control of Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler, and obstructing the normal operation of manufacturing, the production, the shipping and / or transport of the Products. In particular constitute cases of force majeure : total or partial strikes, the interruption or delay of transport, energy supply, raw materials or spare parts, weathering, floods, storms, the state of health crisis, delays or other shortcomings strictly attributable to suppliers or third-party service providers to which Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler (such as for example the carrier, , printer, suppliers, etc.)
    3. Returns
      Any return of Products by the Customer will require the prior written consent of Drums school & percussion Claire Litzler. The risks relating to returned Products remain the responsibility of the Customer..
    1. The works reproduced on the Products are the entire property of their creators and any reproduction, in whole or in part, in any form, is strictly prohibited without the prior authorization of their author.
    1. Divisibility
      In the event that a stipulation of the General Conditions is or becomes void, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, the legality or enforceability of any other stipulation will not be affected or altered, unless it is an integral part or is clearly inseparable from the invalidated or unenforceable stipulation. In addition, the parties will endeavor in good faith to reach an agreement on the modifications to be made to the General Conditions in order to give them an effect corresponding to their common intention..
    2. Exercise of rights
      All the rights conferred on a party by the General Conditions are cumulative and may be exercised at any time.. Failure to exercise a right or delay in exercising it will not constitute a waiver of this right, and the exercise of a single right or its partial exercise will not prevent it from being exercised again or in the future, or to exercise any other right.
    1. Applicable law
      These General Conditions are governed by French law. The application of the Vienna Convention of 11 avril 1980 is excluded as indicated in Article 1.3.
    2. Coming into force
      These General Conditions entered into force on 22/04/2020 (on the twenty-second of May two thousand and twenty)